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Ansat på Essencius
Ansat på Brandstorm Studio
Biodiversity is threatened worldwide and creating sanctuaries for plants and animals has shown helpful for the environment. Consumers are daily reminded of this with images of deforestation and wildfire, turtles drowning and polar bears with heatstrokes. So how do we make Wild Nature Foundation stand out and get people to buy a share in the Campoalegre? The answer is: community! We are creating a digital platform for the conscious consumer to buy a share - or in this case, a square - of the Columbian paramó. What differentiates the WNF share from other environmental NGOs is that this is not merely a donation, this is a shared community of like-minded people. When buying the Wild-Squares©, you get a digital certificate that shows you are a part of the community as well as access to 24/7 live-stream from the wildlife cameras on the fincha. In this way, you can see the progress on your Wild-square© and how the biodiversity is increasing once again in the area. To create awareness about the new WNF community, we put up screens all over the city of Copenhagen. By live-streaming directly into the urban streets, we inspire curiosity in the minds of the consumers: Why is there a rainforest outside of my supermarket? Why is there live-streaming from Columbia? To give the answers, we provide QR codes that link directly to a landingpage from WNF that gives information about the programme and an opportunity to buy into the community. By allowing the consumer to own their own square of the land, we concretize the outcome and create a more emotional experience. And you know what they say. What you love - you will protect. // Vi kunne ikke uploade videoen, og har derfor lagt den ind som en URL
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