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Warm Up Your Balls



Ansat på Merkle
Ansat på Merkle
“Warm Up Your Balls” is a digital campaign made in collaboration between Hands in Your Pants and Pornhub, that aims to encourage young men to check their testicles before watching porn. A short campaign video appears before the porn starts, catching men with their pants already down and ready for a check-up. In the ad, we get the men to “warm up” for fun by touching their balls first. The campaign aims to approach the topic in a playful, engaging, and non-intimidating way. It removes the stigma around checking yourself, by associating it with pleasure rather than fright. A collaboration with a data-driven company like Pornhub enables tracking the most popular porn videos among the target group, spreading the message to the right people, fast.
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Warm Up Your Balls
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