Creative Circle Award 2018

Digital — Use of Technology

DR FaceBeat





Creative Director
Justus Hoffer
Project Manager
Hanna Gutkauf

How can we help Denmark’s public broadcaster to make science interesting while reaching a demographic they have difficulty to connect with via TV & Radio?

With selfies, obviously.

We pushed the boundaries of Facebook’s AR Studio, released just weeks prior, to create a selfie effect that teaches you how your facial muscular structure works. But just seeing your own facial muscles wasn’t enough – we turned it into a game by putting custom code inside the AR effect itself. The user could therefore not only become ridiculously good at winking to the beat of classical music but learned the names of different facial muscles and explore the anatomy of the upper body with augmented reality animations.

In only 4 weeks we connected and built an entertaining and engaging experience, offering a distinct value proposition bridging DR’s struggle to create consumer, educational and brand value with this concept. The gamifying element of the concept, turned passive consumers into content creators and brand ambassadors for DR and therefore helped to spread the educational value across a broader demographic.

This is how it works: Swipe right on your Facebook camera to find the effect (or click the link if you don’t already have it). Move your facial muscles to the beat and score points. Claim your place on the high score and read some face facts.

The campaign is just in it's infancy since the soft launch was the 15th of February.

DR will cover the game editorially with several influencers who engages with the game.

There will be a multichannel push for the game – from the website to apps, tv and radio. Facebeat will also be a part of the editorial coverage of shows such as the X Factor.

Currently, the game is published on the DR1 page (205,000 followers), but the plan is to roll out the game to a lot of relevant pages, such as DR Videnskab (23,000 followers), (105,000 followers) and the X Factor (144,000 followers).


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CCA 2018

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