Creative Circle Award 2018

Advertising — Animation

ARKK Copenhagen Pythron


ARKK Copenhagen

Sound Designer
Natal Zaks

For the very first time ARKK Copenhagen reveals a hightop boot to their line of minimalistic sneakers.

I was approached by ARKK and tasked to direct and produce the main release film for their launch campaign of the Pythron shoe. The visual approach was informed by the design and structure of the boot itself. The shoe is a hybrid between a sneaker and a boot, and almost space-boot-like in it's design. Building on that, the concept became "Boot vs Sneaker", "Nature vs Urban-ism" and on fusing the two worlds.
To portray the Nature I drew inspiration from abstract satellite imagery of the surface of Mars. I designed my own interpretation of the Nordic landscape, with roots in the rock formations found at the edge of our solar system. The Urban aspect came from the graphical and geometric elements seen in brutalist architectural structures. All of these elements come together in the final formation of the shoe, portraying the minimalist sneakerboot, Pythron.

Along with the film I was also responsible for creating hi-res print material for offline marketing, as well as a 15sec teaser for SoMe to further establish tension up until the final release.

This is the reveal film.


CCA 2018


CCA 2018

ARKK Copenhagen Pythron
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